A friend of mine asked: “why compromise” as a reply on facebook and it gave me the idea for this long overdue entry.

Well it’s not all about compromising.
All authors benefit from having an editor comment upon their work – noob or pro.
Sure we might not agree on all things, but you can’t expect a publishing house
to spend both their time and money on a novice writer and not have a say. There
is also the reader to think of, they must find the book interesting and easy to
read. If I would only think about myself then why try to get published? Then I
might as well write for my own amusement and let the manuscript collect dust. As
a writing noob I’ve learned tons these last few months. It very easy to become
blind to certain flaws errors in the text – until someone points them out, and
you go: “What a dummy I’ve been, I can’t believe I missed that” ;)

A book can contain thousands of lines and hundreds of jokes, and if and editor what to cut a few, it really isn’t a big deal. Ok - honestly? Sometime it is ;)
“In writing, you must kill all your darlings.” –William Faulkner.
In my experience, however, you have to rape and mutilate your darlings. Killing is the easy part.

I am halfway through Ken Follett’s 1080 page “Pillars of the Earth”and I have to agree
with what a guy wrote online:
“This is what happens when an author gets too famous/influential to listen to his editor – if he even had one.”  

The book has been described as a modern masterpiece, sold millions,
and has been voted one of the most loved books in the UK. Personally I find it
awful, and will post a review when I’ve finished.   



06/10/2015 11:03pm

I totally agree with you. It's always better to have an extra set of eyes (or two!) check your work. There are times when our brains and/or hands fail us. I often find myself typing differently from what I'm thinking. For these human errors, we need somebody to correct us, and that's not really compromising. It's actually a wise move. I'm also with you that the intention behind our works is for others to read it and enjoy it. The most immediate feedback we can get is that from an editor,and while sometimes, their comments can crush our spirits -- they are needed. At least, we'll have an idea on how to make our book/script/text fly.


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Ok, I will read this book review later. I would like to know your opinion about it.

12/25/2016 3:43am

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