Yes, why do people write? Well, how the hell should I know? I can only speak for myself.
Below I have given the main reasons to why I write, ranked and ready.

1. Fun hobby

It really is a fun pastime. Sometimes it can take a while to get going, mainly due to: laziness, boredom, stress, distractions, fatigue, lack of time, the washing needs doing etc etc – the list of excuses are endless. It is similar to working out. If you don’t do it regularly/for a along time, you forget how rewarding it is, as soon as you push past the initial hill.
When I’m in the zone I forget about time, food, sleep, bathroom brakes, and all
reality outside the flow of imagination from my mind and into my hard drive. 
It’s exciting as well, as you never know what will pop into your head. It can feel like someone else is making up the story for you, like automatic writing. And I have to admit that I often  laugh out loud at my own jokes, the prerogative of the recluse.

 2. The possibility of a new career

Oh yes, a close runner up for first position. How sweet it would be to never again have to debase yourself at an interview to get a dead-end job you never wanted. To be free to write at home, or on a beach balcony in Rio, drooling at the buxom beauties below. To use your creativity for your own benefit. To employ your wit, instead of wasting your life with some soul-destroying grind.

3. Competition

You often hear writers say: “Oh, I’ve been writing since my early childhood.” Not in my case. I began writing in my mid/late twenty’s and have been doing so on and off. But since I began reading books willingly (early teens) I have often been annoyed at all the rubbish thatgets into print. I’m sure you have had the same thought: “What is this shit? I can write better that that! Give me a ton of money, fame, and all the lovely sleaze that follows. It really is the mother of all paradoxes; How can it be so hard to get published, when so much excrement sees not only publication, but translation as well?  My brother actually tore up a book once to save the next hapless reader a similar fate. The author will remain anonymous for now – I’ll save the shit slinging to when I’m rich and powerful.   

4. Compulsion

I have a touch of OCD, and that might a factor when it comes to writing/note taking. I often wake in the middle on the night with a great idea for a book/chapter/story. So I turn on the light with the intention to just writing down a sentence or two. Two hours later I’ve got a dozen pages/any scribble-able surface covered with ink. It’s a real pain in the ass to decode and transfer it into my cpu the next day. Any idea that does not get recorded will likely cause the some apocalyptic event. I never get writers block, quite the opposite, I find it really hard to focus on one book/story at a time. At present I’ve got a dozen books in my head, jostling for creative supremacy.           

5. Fame/a shot at immortality 

What is fame? A lot of strangers having no idea of who you really are. Being superficially known by millions you will never meet.

Sure it would be nice to be famous in your lifetime, to get your work recognized. But something that gives me more of a tickle would be to create something that will endure past my lifetime. Like if someone would read one of my books in a 100 years from now and laugh, wonderingwho this funny weirdo Gordon was, who lived so long ago. True immortality will be tricky, amusing people 100 billion years from now, and beyond into infinity.

6. Money

Yes, please. I love money, not for bragging, buying bling-bling ect etc. What I love about monetary wealth is the freedom it gives you. Freedom from worrying about bills, freedom from the horror of gainful employment, freedom to travel and live were you want. Naturally money does not equal happiness – but it never hurts ;)   

(7. Changing the world)

This might go to the top, but I’ll save it for a few years, to a later edition of the list when I’m so corrupt/jaded it will likely be reversed.

As usual, tell me what you think. Preferably here at the forum or a wall post on facebook, so we can get a bit of a discussion going.





06/24/2012 5:33pm

"It’s exciting as well, as you never know what will pop into your head. It can feel like someone else is making up the story for you, like automatic writing."
Totally agree and I love it when your characters surprise you by saying something you weren't expecting, or in my case, dying on me when I had planned to kill of someone else :o

06/24/2012 5:59pm

Jepp, very true for writing dialogue.

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