So, the book is basically done and will soon go live.
Now it’s time to kick start the marketing/promoting machine. So without funds,
contacts and experience how the hell is one to go about it? 

I will get some help from my publisher New Libri Press, but sadly, I’ll have
to do most of the promo work myself – damn …  


Blog – check. Feels as dead as the pharos, but hell, I’ll keep at it.

Facebook – check. Same as above

Homepage - check. Same as above

Tell family/friends – check. Sadly I don’t know that many people.

So what more can I do to get the word out about my debut
“Alex and Katija, High and Mighty”?

Snooping round the Webb had yielded these tips:

1) Hang out at Kindle and eBook sites and comment on other author’s books.

2) Contact Kindle and eBook bloggers and politely ask for a review.

3) Partake of internet discussions and comment on blogs, and so slowly
worm your way into the community and discretely promote the book.

4) Paid advertizing on Kindle and eBook sites.
Not so pricey. 50-100 bucks here and there. Some you pay by the click.

5) Virtual book tour. A bit more pricey. 300-600 bucks for promo and blogs etc. 

My own ideas:

1) Contact Collage bloggers in S, UK and USA.
Perfect target audience, and where better to start a buzz than at a campus
filled with nosy youths?

2) Post advertizing in notice boards in collages/libraries.

3) Print out a few thousand promo business cards leave in books in libraries/bookstores.
Hey, sorry I just forgot my bookmark … in a few hundred of your books?

4) Hand out flyers outside the main library in Stockholm.
Hand out a thousand and perhaps 10-20 will buy it, and they will
tell 10-20 about it … and they will etc etc.

5) Buy a dozen copies and sneak them in the shelves of the main libraries.

6) Shoot someone famous and leave the book in the cold grasp of the corpse.

Any other ideas?