So here goes the blog cherry – PLOPP!!!

Hey, how nice of you to take some time out of your busy schedule of facebooking and surfing for pornography to visit my site and witness my first tentative steps into the blogging world. 

I despise blogs, facebook and other social media. I’m not keen on mobile phones either. I used to have these sweet daydreams about getting published, and so being able to go off the grid and live out my days in some cozy third world harem. Ahh…yes, laughing, drinking and frolicking the days away with a legion of tanned buxom beauties. I might even write a word or two a day. Now…where was I?

The blog! Right.

But contrary to sweet, warm and cozy illusions – reality is, as usual, bitter, chilling and

It’s bad enough that I have to go against my principles and delve into the putrid swamp of social medias, I also have to push the book vigorously – a double sellout – like a third rate whore, taking it from both ends.  

Not only will I have to slave away at my keyboard to keep the likes of you entertained – I also have to do it without payment - damn it!!!

The intelligent person would just copy another author’s blog, post by post. And so save both time and creativity for paying customers. But nooo(whining no) the sniveling cowards at my publishing company thought it a bad idea, and expressly forbade the move. 

So, I have no other choice than to hike up my skirt, drop my panties and get whoring:

My name is Gordon Hooper. My cousin, Alexander Holstein and I have written “Alex and Katija, High and Mighty” – detailing his adventures as an international private investigator.
This modern masterpiece will be published later this year in E-book format; the cellulose version will follow shortly thereafter.  

That will be enough for now, as I tire of this vile spectacle.
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